Lana Del Rey | Westcoast | Universal Music Official | Remix

Producing, Mixing, Mastering

Back in 2014 I did a remix for “Lana Del Rey´s” hit song “Westcoast”  officially for Universal Music


Tim Ellifritz Music

Mixing and Mastering

Tim Ellifritz Music is an awseome band thier music is exciting, unique, finely crafted, guitar-centric music with a couple of surprise vocals. Familiar ingredients of guitar, bass and drums in a new blend, cooked and served to satiate



Mixing and Mastering the Album

Wokfries are a Punk-Rock Band from Germany. Their heavy riffing, strong voice and great rhythm section makes you want to get up and move.

Listen Here



Dauerwelle is a german Indie/Pop artist. He has amazing lyrics and a catchy vocal. Great songs with a little twist.




Starchild is a collaboration of very talented artists from around the globe. Their main music genre is Synthie-Pop. Right now we are producing an EP toghether and share it as soon as possible with you.

Coming Soon
  • Soon there will be a bit more of an information for you to follow. Let us finish 3 tracks first


Mixing, Mastering

Nolex is a Punk-Rock Band from Swizzerland. They have lots of drive and are fronted by a Lady with a phenomenal Voice.

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Additional Producing, Mixing & Mastering

Estival means “summerly”. That is also the message of our music. They´ll take you on a journey to the most beautiful places where you’ve spent your summers. Whether in childhood, during your studies or just in your memory. Whether you sipped a cocktail with your feet in warm water, admired the mountain panorama on skis at sunset, enjoyed the beauty of our world with friends while rafting on the river, or walking barefoot across the warm cobblestones on a warm summer evening run since. Whatever reminds you of the perfect summer, they want to bring you back there.


Marcel Glocke

Mixing & Mastering

Marcel Glocke is a german artist. His songs are incredibly deep and full of soul.
Just close your eyes and let yourself drift away.