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Welcome to The Gate

I am Fabio Minuzzi, a Music Producer and Engineer from Germany.
I have been making music for 25 years. Starting out as a Musician, I was able to collaborate with other fantastic musicians, producers and engineers.
During this time, I cultivated many wonderful long-term relationships and collaborations.

The Gate is a production and music engineering house that is able to revolutionize and take your music productions and performances to the next level.
The Gate features a wide variety of skillsets, and I would love to speak with you about your musical needs and visions.

The Gate known for his sound production, mixing and mastering skills. He can help you turn your vision into reality.
He will work closely with you to make sure everything goes perfect.

Our Clients

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More Clients
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With our experience in writing and producing, you can have confidence that your musical visions are in perfect hands.  From the first spark of an idea to the finished track of your dreams, we will be there to assist you through the process. Your ideas come first, and we will work with you to craft a professional and unique sound.



You recorded your song in a studio, and it’s ready to be mixed.
The mix is an essential part of your music creation.  We here at The Gate look after your vision and needs.  Every Artist has a different style and flavor.  Our skilled mixing engineers will make the vision a reality and give you a mix that is professionally crafted and radio ready.



Having a reputation of being a mystifying process in audio production, mastering is the final process to enhance a great mix.  If you have a mix that you want to get mastered, we provide professional sounding masters for streaming and physical release.


Vocal Editing

Sometimes you just need that little extra attention to detail.  For vocals this is crucial. We provide you with high level vocal editing making your vocal recording sound consistent and accurate. There isn’t an easy and quick way to do this properly.  We take the time necessary to offer label quality vocal editing that will meet your expectations.



Do you need a hook or a whole song? Are you not satisfied with your own song arrangement?  Don´t Panic! We’re here to help.  We offer songwriting and arranging services.  It doesn’t matter where you live in the world.   Book a Skype session with me and let’s get your song going.


Drum Editing

Drums are the foundation of many songs and making sure your drums sound cohesive is an important part of that foundation.  With attention to detail we’ll go through your recording making enhancements that you will be amazed with. Having your drums sounding tight will produce a more professional sounding track.


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